The Lighthouse by Alfie

One night the lighthouse shone,towering on top of the cliff,the lighthouse sucked all dark from the sky.As the bar people cheered,the lighthouse went out.Back inside the lghthouse there was a old wrinklied,old man wearing a grey jacket,black trousers and formal shoes.He was writing a letter to the queen.Then he heard a CLANG,grabed his lantern and ran up the stairs.Startled,alarmed,terified he ran up the stairs.

When he made it to the top he saw the light had gone out.As he looked in it,he heard a ship heading for the rocks.He picked up the bulb,triped over his tools and the bulb smashed.He looked over his shoulder and saw lanterns…

The lovly,kind people came and helped the old man.The man ran down the stairs and opened his door.He let the people up in his lighthouse.The lanterns guided the ship away and they all cheared.

The end by Alfie

8 responses to “The Lighthouse by Alfie

  1. You have included some nice description at the start of your story Alfie. I would like to see you building the tension when the lighthouse keeper broke the bulb – how did he feel? What did he think was going to happen?

  2. Well done Alfie! Ma ma mia! I like your amazing, fantastic story! 🙂

  3. thank you jemima its really nice of you to comment on my light house story 🙂

  4. wow very good Alfie 🙂

  5. Alfie what a great story i really like it and you thought well to make a story well done i really like it and how did he feel?what did you think was going to happen? weld one i really like it it is fabulous.

  6. Thank you jaycob,have you got anything on the blog.

  7. i like our description alfie.

  8. Thanks Eve ,do you have anything on the blog