The lighthouse

A thin, towering lighthouse ,stood on top of a cliff, with a town underneath. One cold,dark night some people from the town were having a party and they all cheered when the bright,shiny light on the lighthouse came round. In the lighthouse lived a boring, old, grumpy and most miserable man who sat at a table all day writing letters to people in the town to be quiet.

But all of a sudden…. he heard a noise! So the old man ran up the twisted, spiral stairs and looked at the dusty light bulb to see what was wrong but suddenly…. he saw a ship heading towards the big waves crashing against the sharp, spikey rocks.

So he picked up the light and tripped over his tool kit. The light bulb smashed, there was little tiny pieces of glass all over the floor. Then something caught the old grumpy mans big, twinkley eyes. He ran downstairs to open the door….

…. All of the noisy but, nice pople from the town came with landterns to help and they all stood around the outside of the light house to help gide the ship away from the sharp, pionty rocks. The old man was as happy, pleased and glad as can be.

By Amber.

3 responses to “The lighthouse

  1. Some great word choices Amber; I can see lots of carefully chosen adjectives. Where is your 3ed sentence?

  2. WOW! well done you have done a great light house story

  3. That’s a fantastic story Amber!!