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Year 4 meet olympic gymnasts!

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Our lucky year 4s got to meet the Women British Gymnastics squad at Lilleshall thanks to our friends at British Gymnastics.

My cricket certificate and medal

On the 8th July I played cricket for St.Georges because they needed a extra player in their team.The first match we won by 2 wicket’s. I took one wicket.When i got a wicket in the first match it was a diving catch.

In the second match my team that i was playing for was losing against the cricket team whem.We were losing by 3 wickets.I came into to bowl and i got 3 wickets out of 4.We did four bowls because if we did six bowls not every body would get a bowl.

When i was’nt batting i went wicket keeper. The only time when i wasnt wicket keeper was when i went to bowl.

When i batted in 1 over i hit two 4s and 1 six.

20120718-072858.jpgBy Megan Trickett

My karate belt

I have got my green and white belt. There are six more belts until I am a black belt. I enjoy karate more than I used to and I also go more. There are lessons on Tusedays, Fridays and Sundays. I had to do a really hard katere it is called he an yondan dan. That means peaceful mind level four. My next katere is called he an go dan. That  katere is not that hard but the basics are very hard. When you get to black you get dans you start off on dan one then dan two and so on.

Blue Peters Big Olympic Tour

On the 30.6.12 me my auntie and my sister went to Wolverhampton to see Blue Peters Big Olympic Tour. When we got there was a massive Que. When we got in we went over to a big tent were the start of the programe then they had a celebrity challenge with Joe Squash the challenge was cycling then they showed a Horrible Histories movie Pitch of the modern Olympics. I also got a sighed car d from Helen and Barney.

By Nathan


Moorfield School and the Olympic Torch

This is the video British Gymnastics made starring Moorfield Primary on the Olympic Torch day.

Superb sports day!!!

On the 25th of June 2012 all of Moorfield school were included in sports day on the field. We do sports day to keep fit and have fun!

Before, we practised sports day we got the chairs out ready for sports day and practised our races. And a little dance called a flash mob dance.

First we, did the flash mob then, the torch re lay next, key stage 1 did there sports day first after that, we had break time.

Next it was key stage 2s turn for sports day but they did half of it then., you could sit on the grass and have lunch with your friends and family then key stage 2 finished of theres.

I enjoyed watching the dressing up race and eating cakes!

By Amber

Sport’s day:)

On the  Moorfield Field on the 25th of June with the Moorfield students and teachers to keep fit and healthy because we wouldn’t of known what to do, we had sports day!!!

Before we did sports day we had to get all the chairs in the school, we had to get all the cakes in the school, we had to do the flashmob AND the opening ceremony!

The flashmob was about where we did some actions the sports were front crawl, diving, breaststroke, running, football, and boxing ding dig ding!!We did it 2 times the 2nd one was where we had to move into the olympic rings.

ks1 went first and they did brilliant they were really good.Next it was our turn!Ihad to do 7 races, some people were really funny in the dress up race they couldn’t get their clothes on:b

the most funny part was seeing all the people trying to get their clothes on especially Alfie H getting his clothes on

emerald were good but they came last. alfie who was doing the realay was VERY  fast.tired, exhausted, drenched Alfie crossed the finish line

Euro Finals

On the first of July it was the european championship finals between Spain and Italy, the score was 4-0 to Spain. Although Spain won they were technically Europe’s best because they were world champions 2010. The host countries were Ukraine and Poland the stadium was in Ukraine. England were very good and managed to get into the Quarter Finals.

key stage 2 sports day

Yesterday we had sports day. It was really fun because every partisapated . I was in the sack race ,relay,shuttle i really enjoyed it. addlitonton came first ,twedle came second,redgrave came third,Daley came was a great day for all of us.

by Amelia


Surprising Sports day

Sports Day was held in Moorfield in, Shropshire, Newport. This happened on the 25/6/2012.

We also had the cake store, but, we had to do the Flashmob. Just because we had to practice, practice, practice. But practice makes perfect.

When we arrived at the playfield, parents started arriving with teachers asking patiently wether the parents & carers if they could sit down .

After that, ks1 started their own Sports Day. It was a little bit funny. ks2 was even more funnier!

The funny part was when I, Jerusha, accidently pushed off the police helmet of my head but again & again it kept on falling off but I didn’t like it at all.

There are some sports which come from the olympics like pole vault, hurdles, shot put & tennis.