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My cricket certificate and medal

On the 8th July I played cricket for St.Georges because they needed a extra player in their team.The first match we won by 2 wicket’s. I took one wicket.When i got a wicket in the first match it was a diving catch.

In the second match my team that i was playing for was losing against the cricket team whem.We were losing by 3 wickets.I came into to bowl and i got 3 wickets out of 4.We did four bowls because if we did six bowls not every body would get a bowl.

When i was’nt batting i went wicket keeper. The only time when i wasnt wicket keeper was when i went to bowl.

When i batted in 1 over i hit two 4s and 1 six.

20120718-072858.jpgBy Megan Trickett

Summer Concert!!

Yesturday night I went to Burton Borough school and did a concert. From Moorfield there was only me Alyssa and Alexander and some other children and everybody else was in Burton Borough. My group was called the Junior wind band. It was conducted by Alison Ruston. I go there every Tuesday and we have to work very hard. It started at 7pm and finished at 10:30pm. There was 12 groups and some children were singing solo. There was also awards whitch were Primary School Player of the year, Juinor Player of the Year, Senior Player of the Year, Players Player of the Year, Outstanding Musician of the year and Outstanding Band Section. Everybody really enjoyed it lots. It was so much fun.

By Kathryn.

My karate belt

I have got my green and white belt. There are six more belts until I am a black belt. I enjoy karate more than I used to and I also go more. There are lessons on Tusedays, Fridays and Sundays. I had to do a really hard katere it is called he an yondan dan. That means peaceful mind level four. My next katere is called he an go dan. That  katere is not that hard but the basics are very hard. When you get to black you get dans you start off on dan one then dan two and so on.

My comic.

The comic I made is about a girl that gets a parcel one day.I made it on comic life and then I drew the pictures.I found out that you can change the colour of the boxes and bubbles. I liked putting the fonts on.But I found drawing the pictures hard and finding the right story.It was fun making my comic I liked it a lot.

By Isabel.

The lighthouse

A thin, towering lighthouse ,stood on top of a cliff, with a town underneath. One cold,dark night some people from the town were having a party and they all cheered when the bright,shiny light on the lighthouse came round. In the lighthouse lived a boring, old, grumpy and most miserable man who sat at a table all day writing letters to people in the town to be quiet.

But all of a sudden…. he heard a noise! So the old man ran up the twisted, spiral stairs and looked at the dusty light bulb to see what was wrong but suddenly…. he saw a ship heading towards the big waves crashing against the sharp, spikey rocks.

So he picked up the light and tripped over his tool kit. The light bulb smashed, there was little tiny pieces of glass all over the floor. Then something caught the old grumpy mans big, twinkley eyes. He ran downstairs to open the door….

…. All of the noisy but, nice pople from the town came with landterns to help and they all stood around the outside of the light house to help gide the ship away from the sharp, pionty rocks. The old man was as happy, pleased and glad as can be.

By Amber.

The lighthouse by Alfie

One day there was a rocky Light House, and there was a pub, inside the pub were some men and every time the light came past in their direction they cheered.The bright, glowing light was as bright as bright as the steaming, scorching sun.In the Light House the Light House keepers window was open and he heard the men every time, so he slammed the window shut!

The light went out for no random reason, the light of the Light House had gone off.The window flung open and a candle blew out.”Ugh”The light house keeper was shocked he got up out of his chair got his oil lamp and went upstairs.

Meanwhile at the pub the men were confused.”Wheres the light?”Shouted one “Why is the light gone black.”Shouted another “I want the light back.”Shouted the youngest one of them all, they were all confused!!

Back at the Light House the man had noticed the screw broke he looked in the hole and then he heard a horn sound “That ships gonna crash.” The keeper picked up the glass bulb he tripped up on his toolbox and broke the glass.The old man was so sad he could burst.

He ran down his spiral stairs and opened the door “Aah” All the men from the pub had brought lanterns. The next thing you know he was on top of the light house with about 1 thousand lanterns”Phew, that boat was about to crash into the rocks”


Jorge’s Lighthouse story

There was once a lighthouse which was gleaming above a town in the town every one was having a great time, except for one grumpy man who lived in the lighthouse that was on gigantic cliff that was above some sharp,dagger like rocks.The cliff was also above the sea.The fierce,deadly waves were crashing against the pointy, jagged rocks. Crashing against the towered cliff the waves made a loud CRASH!In the lighthouse there was a lighthouse keeper. The grumpy, forgotten man, was writing an important and crucial letter.

Suddenly he heard a loud crash. The lighthouse keeper wondered what it was.After that the window blew open.The bright, gleaming candle got blown out because of the cold, strong wind. It was very dark and the lighthouse keeper went to get a lantern, but he tripped over his chair!Keeper started running up the stairs to see what it was,when the lighthouse keeper got to the top keeper saw that the clogs that powered the light had stopped working! Next he ran through a door that goes to the light in the lighthouse and put his tool-box behind him.He looked in the cage that meant to have the bulb in and there was NOTHING there!!!

The lighthouse keeper lifted up the cage, but keeper tripped over his tool-box  and the cage smashed!Next he heard a loud horn, there was a ship coming!Then he saw lots of lights in the distance. The man, who was worried,terrified wondered what he was going to do.The lighthouse keeper ran downstairs as fast as keeper could and yanked open the door to see what it was.There was nothing there, but then a huge light was coming up the hill.It was the town’s people they came to help.They all ran upstairs and some of them stayed at the bottom of the lighthouse.Then the ship did a huge turn and just missed hitting the cliff.Afterwards the town,s people and the lighthouse keeper were re-united once again.(Hooray)

The End

My Manchester United tour.


On 8th of June I hat to wake up at nine a clock in the morning to go to a Manchester united tour with my cousin Jess and Holly and their mom and dad and my mom and dad.

On the way me and Jess went in the boot, we were listening to my ipod music.We stopped at the petrol station to get some petrol,my mom got me some star bursts from the little shop.

On the way my iPod went flat, but we listened to the radio, me and Jess were singing and I was really loud. After we were counting how many stobart trucks we could see, my dad got the most he got 4 I got 1.

When we arrived we were given a lanyard which had are tour tickets in them. We had to get to the museum by going up the escalator, it was fun because we didn’t have to walk up the stairs. Me and Jess where so excited, we were the first ones to get there.

we looked round the museum at trophies and memorabilia of players past and present, my mum took lots of photos of me. I liked seeing Rooney’s leg cast and David Beckems GOLDEN, CLEAN BOOTS!

The tour. First we went to go through the door and we sat down and the tour guide told us about the pitch. After we went to the changing room, me and Jess ran to Rooney’s top, I got a picture with his top.

After we went to the tunnel where the players go through onto the pitch. I got chosen to be a leader to go on when we got on the pitch. I got a piece of grass off the pitch,the man told me off.

After we went to the shop, I brought a hat,football,jumper and a picture,and collected my certificate that said I had been on the tour. I couldn’t wait to get back to school to show my friends all my things.

The last thing we did was going to the cafe to have something to eat, I had pizza and chips, it was nice and i sat on Rooney’s number 10 chair.

I enjoyed the day and think we should go on a school trip there.

George D

The lighthouse By Megan

One cold,misty night an old,grumpy man was alone in a lighthouse.This lighthouse was on top of a steep,high,jagered cliff which was next to the sea.That night when the lighthouse light went past,party people were cheering,while they were cheering the old man was writing a letter.

The old man sat alone in the darkness,SUDDENLY there was a big bang. “BANG”The old man looked up and grabbed the lantern and rushed up the stairs to see what was wrong.He looked at a big light bulb and picked it up then he tripped over his tool box and fell over.He smashed the lightbulb.Terrified,scared, frightened he tripped and smashed the lift bulb.

He picked up the lanteren and ran down the stairs to the front door and opened it.While he was doing that he heard the sea crashing smashing against the sharp,jagered rocks.The miserable old man wasn’t grumpy or miserable he was smiling and very happy because all of the villages came up the lanterns.

So now all of the passengers and the staff and the boat drivers were saved.the old man saved the day for the boat people.The old man was so delighted and over joyed. He hoped a day like that would be done again.

He liked saving them people on the ship.The old man was glad the villages helped.Everyone had a smile on there face

The end

By Megan T

Georgina’s Lighthouse Story

One day there was a tall, stony lighthouse and behind it there was a little village with crooked, old houses in it. The lighthouse was on an enormous, lumpy cliff and in front of the lighthouse where some sharp, jaggered rocks with pointy ends. The gigantic, extensive sea crashed into the rocks.

In the village there where some people cheering when the light came round. The lighthouse keeper got so annoyed when he couldn’t think because he was writing a letter that he slammed the window shut. Suddenly he heared a big bang and the light went out and all the village people said “ARH!” loudly. Then the window flew open and the candle got blew out by the strong wind.

He ran up the spirally stairs puffing and huffing when he got half way he looked carefully at the machine to see what has happened to the light bulb. The lighthouse keeper ran up the ran up the rest of the stairs, when he got to the top he was very tired. The lighthouse keeper opened up the round, little door on the light bulb cover to see what happened. He heard a horn and looked out of the window and saw a huge ship coming his way, so he picked up the light bulb cover and walked backwards and tripped over his tool box that he left behind him and dropped it and in smashed all over the wooden floor.

He ran down the stairs and opened the door, he saw a huge light. It was all the people coming to help with oil lamps in their hands. He felt happy when all the people came to help. So they all climed up the creaky stairs and onto the balcony. Everyone held up their oil lamps and the boat went the right way.

By Georgina