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Summer Concert!!

Yesturday night I went to Burton Borough school and did a concert. From Moorfield there was only me Alyssa and Alexander and some other children and everybody else was in Burton Borough. My group was called the Junior wind band. It was conducted by Alison Ruston. I go there every Tuesday and we have to work very hard. It started at 7pm and finished at 10:30pm. There was 12 groups and some children were singing solo. There was also awards whitch were Primary School Player of the year, Juinor Player of the Year, Senior Player of the Year, Players Player of the Year, Outstanding Musician of the year and Outstanding Band Section. Everybody really enjoyed it lots. It was so much fun.

By Kathryn.

Amazing talent from Jay and Liam

And the crowd went wild!

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Base 6 Music

On Thursday the 25th of January Base 6 were exploring rhythmic patters using a variety of instuments. Playing along to the song “The Noah Rap”, all about Noah’s Ark, they were each given an animal to represent, whilst thinking about which instrument will sound most like their creature. Which they then performed beautifully all together at the end of the lesson, well done Base 6!       

Music assembly by Borough