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Summer Concert!!

Yesturday night I went to Burton Borough school and did a concert. From Moorfield there was only me Alyssa and Alexander and some other children and everybody else was in Burton Borough. My group was called the Junior wind band. It was conducted by Alison Ruston. I go there every Tuesday and we have to work very hard. It started at 7pm and finished at 10:30pm. There was 12 groups and some children were singing solo. There was also awards whitch were Primary School Player of the year, Juinor Player of the Year, Senior Player of the Year, Players Player of the Year, Outstanding Musician of the year and Outstanding Band Section. Everybody really enjoyed it lots. It was so much fun.

By Kathryn.

The Lighthouse!!

One dark gloomy night the lighthouse was golden and bright alerting every ship that came past. The towering lighthouse shone brightly on top of a crumbly, rigid cliff. The old man was writing a very important letter. All of a sudden a massive bang came from the top of the lighthouse. The window opened and the candle was blown out by the wind. So the man got up and tripped over and went BANG on the floor. He got back up and started to rush up the staircase. The concerned, uneasy rushed up the twisted spiral staircase.

As soon as the old man was half way up the stairs he felt troubled, worried, distressed the old man sprinted up the spiral staircase. He looked inside the bulb and he saw there was not one. The old man picked it up and… trips over the toolbox and SMASHES the LIGHT. He heared a boat coming and he zoomed downstairs.

When he got downstairs he opened the door and he saw people bringing lantans  towards him. He felt a little bit better when he saw them coming. They quickly rushed upstairs and held the lanterns up and the boat saw the light and drifted happily away. Everyone was so happy that the boat did not bang into the rocks.

By Kathryn


Today in Mr Browns class are on the macbooks and it is very exciting. We can put our on post on here very very quickly. Everybody enjoys it lots. We can do lots of things on them. We can go on the blog on here as well.

I am meeting the Queen!!

One Thursday I am going to meet the Queen. My brother is going, my mom is going and my dad is going as well. We are going to meet Queen Elizabeth in Cosford air show. Some other are going to meet the Queen as well in Our school on the same day. It is going to be so exciting meeting the Queen.

By Kathryn,

Moorfield Primary School

The Queens Diamond Jubilee!!

The Queen has been on the throne for 60 Years, the Golden Jubilee is 50 and the Silver Jubilee is 25 years. She was the age of 27 when she was crowned Queen. The Queen’s sons are Prince Harry, Prince Edward and Prince Charles.The Queens husband is Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. The Queens daughters are Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice. She has 5 children.

By Kathryn and George.

My Olympic Board Game!!

2 Weeks ago we started to do an Olympic Board game. In my group there was Poppy, Kathryn and me.I thought we should do a Wenlock and Mandival zoom to the games!!!There were two counters wenlock and mandival and there were spaces saying red was go back 1\2 spaces and the blue were go forward one\three spaces and go side ways 2 spaces.Say if u got a 4 you could move sideways or forwards NOT diagonal or backwards. when you have finished it will say Wembley stadium London.

By Alfie

The Amazing Linford Christie

If you don’t know WHO Linford Christie is or WHY he is so amazing, watch this video biography made by Jack and Kathryn! Let them know what you think about it!

Kathryn’s 100WC wk29

As Olivia and Lilly walked through their green garden gate, they accidently trod on two magical mushrooms.  Suddenly, they flew into a marvellous fairyland forest.

‘’Let’s go and explore this fantastic place’’ Lilly quoted happily. They both skipped along a pink, shiny, path which led them to a huge castle made from tasty dolly mixtures.

By the castle, there were some cute jelly teddy guards, and a bridge made from fizzy laces. All of a sudden, the cute guards turned into mean nasty bears. They started to chase the girls all the way back to their garden gate.

‘’That was close’’ the girls shouted noisily.

Designing Olympic bunting

Today Mr Brown ‘s class started to make some bunting.We had to draw or write something to do with the Olympics or to do with flags.Everybody had great Ideas and we all had lots of fun making them.We are doing the buntings for when the Olympic torch comes past on the 30 of May.

By Kathryn

Egyptian book 2