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The lighthouse by Kayban

There was once a lighthouse which looked over many towns and cities, but the nearest city was Holyhead [in Wales] and some people in a party were cheering every time the light passed by.It was a dull, dark winters evening. In the lighthouse, there was a keeper. The loud, noisy crowd outside provoked the keeper.

The old,stone lighthouse was built on a cliff with water, splashing onto it The elderly man wrote a messy, untidy letter. He was so irritated by the racket that he slammed the little window squeezed into the wall, shut.

Suddenly he heard a deafening crash, the candle went out, the window flew open and the light stopped wring. Immediately the people in the party stopped cheering. When the ,the man got up to check out the noise, he tripped over the chair and waddled over to the stairs. He grabbed his toolkit and sprinted up the spiral staircase. At the peak of the lighthouse, he heard a noise, it was a ship. Scared, anxious, terrified he lifted up the ball. As he stepped backwards and tripped over his toolkit which was left on the floor behind him and the ball shattered into a million pieces, sending fragments of glass asunder. A worried look crossed his face as the ship was edging nearer. The guard ran swiftly down the stairs, although he sounded like an elephant bombarding a building.

When the keeper looked through the door a pleasure met his eyes, all the villagers had brought their lanterns, so the ship was led safely away from the jagged rocks. Delighted, pleased, satisfied the guard scampered back into the lighthouse with a smile on his face for once.

The Lighthouse Storyboards


Mr Brown’s Literacy group have been really busy making these comic book storyboards based on an animation called ‘The Lighthouse’, we used Comic Life to make them.

Flipsnack only displays the first 3 on our website, there are 8 fantastic storyboards here.

Many thanks to Mr Smith at the Literacy Shed for the inspiration.

Long Legged Launcher

Kayban and Baylee worked hard on this brilliant biography of Mary Rand. If you don’t know who she is, watch the video to find out more!

Kayban’s 100WC wk29

The Hedgehog
Slowly,the hedgehog crossed the road. He was unaware of the traffic whizzing past him, although he did see a marvellous pink car pass by him. At the other side of the road there was a caslte, big and beautiful. The wind blew noisily and the hedgehog was lifted into the air as if flying. A bird flew above his head. Finally the wind came to a normal pace of breeze and he [hedgehog] was carried down. He started to to dig a hole, bored as if it was his daily routine. This was a normal day for the hedgehog.

Egyptian ebook

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