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My karate belt

I have got my green and white belt. There are six more belts until I am a black belt. I enjoy karate more than I used to and I also go more. There are lessons on Tusedays, Fridays and Sundays. I had to do a really hard katere it is called he an yondan dan. That means peaceful mind level four. My next katere is called he an go dan. That  katere is not that hard but the basics are very hard. When you get to black you get dans you start off on dan one then dan two and so on.

Our Olympic Board Game

At school I did a  olympic board game it was really good. I did it with Ben. It is a bit like Monoply and pictionary. It is called London Olimpics. You have too get a thousand pouns to win. You start off with a hundred pouns and you get twenty once  you go round the  board. There are also boostes because if you land on a surton place you might get extra. you move by drawring pictures only if you do it before they have drawn if the picture is fully drawn.

Egyptian book 2