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The lighthouse by Charlie.

Once there was a lighthouse that was towering over the edge the cliff. The lighthouse was leaning over a village. In the lighthouse the lighthouse keeper was writing a letter, but the villagers were putting him off, so he slammed the window shut! Then the cogs stopped working and the light broke!

Worried, concerned, distressed the lighthouse keeper sprinted up the spiral staircase! When the villagers knew that the lighthouse stopped working they all worried because there was a boat that was about to hit the sharp, jagged rocks! The old man was lifting the lightbulb, but he dropped it and the glass shattered all over the place. The lighthouse keeper felt anxious!

The old man looked and saw the villagers, so he ran as fast as his legs could carry him to open the tall, squat door. All the villagers had there lanterns with them. The lighthouse keeper, who smashed the lightbulb, was relived to see the villagers! The villagers went into the lighthouse and used there lanterns to guide the boat away from the sharp, jagged rocks and the boat turned swiftly away! The lighthouse keeper thanked the villagers and they went home!

The End!

The Lighthouse Storyboards


Mr Brown’s Literacy group have been really busy making these comic book storyboards based on an animation called ‘The Lighthouse’, we used Comic Life to make them.

Flipsnack only displays the first 3 on our website, there are 8 fantastic storyboards here.

Many thanks to Mr Smith at the Literacy Shed for the inspiration.

Super Sir Steve Redgrave

Charlie and Poppy made this great video biography about the one and only Sir Steve Redgrave. They’ve included some very interesting facts, so watch the video and let us know what you think!

Egyptian book 3