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My comic.

The comic I made is about a girl that gets a parcel one day.I made it on comic life and then I drew the pictures.I found out that you can change the colour of the boxes and bubbles. I liked putting the fonts on.But I found drawing the pictures hard and finding the right story.It was fun making my comic I liked it a lot.

By Isabel.

The lighthouse by Isabel.

Once  opoun a time here was a lighthouse keeper and the bright, yellow light sparkled in the the dark, gloomy sky.Underneght the lighthouse was blue, crashing waves and they where bashing against the sharp, jaggered rocks.The rocks where as sharp as spikes.There was a cliff and on top of the cliff was a lighthouse .Towering on top of the high cliff, the lighthouse  was positioned still.The lighthouse was a stone lighthouse.The light was as bright as the sun.The long, bright light shone over the small, light houses.The people in the houses where partying.Spinning around the town, the light shined brightly.

The man  was writing a letter.The papers where scattered around her desk like cows in a field.The man got grumpy and shut the window tightly.The dark, gloomy walls where around the white, scattered papers.Then the people stopped cheering and then the man heard a noise.Then the window opened and the man saw there was no dazzling light shinning outside and his candel went out.The man started to have a look what the matter and then he fell over and went face first.Then the man stood up with his lantern.

The man rushed up stairs.He was looking into the dark with a worried face.The man wore a dim, blue hat that was as dark as the sea and a marky brown jacket.Anxouis, concered, troubled the man hurried up the stairs.When the man got to the he saw there was know bulb he saw that there was no bulb so he lifted it up and tripped over his tool box and broke it!The man saw the ship was coming and ran down his spiral staircase.He opened the door and saw the whole town had brought lanterns to show the ship the way.The the man felt so glad.The end!

By Isabel.

Justine’s Jolly Jubilee!

1st church aston brownies  wrote a letter to the queen about her special jubilee.We each got a copy  from the queen.The lady in waiting wrote the letter because the queen was to busy.We got some pictures of her life.I am going to keep this letter from the queen because when I am older and I have got children  I will show  them the letter from the queen.I am going to keep this precious letter.The letter 1st church aston brownies sent the queen was when we had to draw a portrait of are self.The letter had lots of information on it.On the letter it had a stamp of buckingham palace on it.The queen was very happy that we wrote to her.The queen is a really nice lady she is a kind and thoughtful lady.My Dad has cooked for the queen.

By Justine and Izzy

Who was Mary Rand?

Mr Brown’s Literacy group have been researching and writing biographies of famous British Olympians. We made them into Keynote presentations and recorded a narration to make them into videos.
Let us know what you think!

Year 3/4 Newsroom!

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Today, Base 3 was turned into a newsroom. The reporting team are working to their deadline of Wedsnesday, whilst the Editorial team with Mrs Holmes were busy checking and proof reading their articles.

Mrs Holmes and her team chose the 4 articles that had achieved most from the success criteria to be published on the blog. So here they are:


Egyptian ebook

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